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The founders of Drug Busters realized a need existed in the business community.  Employers wanted a safe and productive workplace environment, but often had to balance that desire with the inefficient, expensive, and all around burdensome process of off-site drug testing for their employees.

Drug Busters specializes in Drug and Alcohol screening for individuals and businesses.  With over 20 years of experience in a variety of business fields, we are equipped to handle small, medium, and large companies.  Our mobile units are available to conduct testing directly at your facility, minimizing down-time and eliminating a need to shuttle employees to brick and mortar facilities while on the clock.

We provide companies and individuals with a primary source for random, pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion drug screening.   All of our employees are trained using materials, policies, and procedures similar to those used by the US Department of Transportation.  These quality control measures give us confidence that our testing will be done in an accurate, cost effective, confidential, and courteous manner. 

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A urine or Rapid drug screen takes only a couple of minutes to complete and is a common mechanism used by employers, courts, law enforcement, the US Department of Transportation, the US Department of Defense and many members of the education system nationwide.  It simply detects the presence of metabolites in an individual’s urine, showing what substances they have ingested in the recent past.

Drug Busters is able to provide complete management of a custom built successful drug free workplace program or remain your on-call resource for random testing.  We get to know your company, drafting a plan which fits your needs.  Each of our mobile units come equipped with trained screening technicians, on-site drug screening kits, breath alcohol tests and equipment, as well as individual employee reports and waivers.

Our primary priority is to provide exceptional customer service in a manner which increases workplace safety while, at the same time, decreases workplace accidents, absenteeism, employee downtime, and current cost measures.

Call us and let us show you how we can help improve your business!  (313) 344-7108

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